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3 Articles from July 2012

  1. Dusting off the Dell

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron 6400, and it turned five years old last month. It’s been good to me. I replaced the battery once, about two years ago, and the keyboard twice, once under warranty because I broke a key—er, it snapped off—and once because the space bar was getting worn out. Sometime in the past few year years, the left corner of the white trim on the palm rest cracked. Otherwise, this computer has served me well, and it has never let me down.

    But it was getting a little old. And slow. And loud. Despite having a cooling mat, the fan was on full blast pretty constantly—especially in Ubuntu, which is a shame considering I use it as my primary operating system these days. After five years, I suspected that a lot of dust had accumulated inside the laptop. Since I’m not a hardware person, I was worried about opening it up—but if I plan to keep it for at least another two or three years, which I would love to do, I want it running at its best.

    Last week I finally screwed my courage to the sticking place and went down to Northern Computers to…

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  2. Goodbye, Kaylee

    Two days after I got back from England, we took our cat Kaylee into the vet in the evening. I had noticed something was off—she seemed jaundiced, and when she started having trouble balancing, I knew there was a problem.

    The following Thursday, we received the news: Kaylee had cancer, in the liver, and it wasn’t going to get better.

    We said goodbye on Saturday.

    Unlike Marble’s decline, Kaylee’s was sudden and unexpected. She had slowed down in her elder years, but she seemed perfectly healthy: sleeping in her chair, walking around the house like she was vaguely dissatisfied with the world, sleeping under the bookshelf, walking around my room like she was specifically dissatisfied with me, and sleeping in her chair. I loved Kaylee because she was effortlessly adorable. She lacked the frenetic energy of a kitten but had that aloofness of an adult cat down. After Marble’s death, I took solace in the hope in that Kaylee would be around for a long time. Now another part of my childhood has slipped away from me, just as I seem to be preparing to uproot myself entirely.

    We still have Sarah, our rambunctious newest addition to the family. She…

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  3. Iday Vlog

    I don’t always make videos, but when I do, they are long and have quirky music.