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Coming Soon: In England!

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It’s been an interesting few weeks. I have a lot I want to blog about—my new tablet, Mass Effect, books, leaving the art gallery, etc. Despite my free time, I keep finding ways not to do it. So far.

I’d love to talk about how much I’m enjoying my Asus Transformer Pad, but I don’t have time. I need to go to bed. Tomorrow morning I fly to Toronto, and from there in the evening I’ll be bound across the ocean, to England.


I’ve mentioned this a bit on Twitter, but not so much here on my blog: I’m actively looking for teaching jobs in England. By “actively” I mean going to England to do it. One of the recruitment agencies is paying for my flight over and has set up an intensive day of interviews, followed by one or two days of visits to schools. It’s an extremely cool event with the potential to land me a full-time job for the fall. I’m excited—and terrified.

Moving to England feels a little out of character for me. As I came to terms with having to move away at all to get a job teaching, however, I decided that England is the best option. That doesn’t stop me from thinking, “What the hell am I doing?” immediately after I tell someone I want to work in England.

I’ll be back Saturday, June 23—hopefully with a job. And the week following shall be devoted to blog posts! I had to shop for suits and ties! Until then, I’ll be inundating Twitter and hopefully Flickr with as many thoughts and photos as possible every time I can find some free WiFi.

Finally, I need to note that today was my last shift at the art gallery. I left my key behind. I’ve worked there continuously for six years, with the exceptions of the last two summers, when I was doing research. I’m not quite sure how to describe my experiences there—they were formative. I know it’s time to move on, but I’m going to miss the job and my coworkers so much.