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2 Articles from October 2010

  1. Somehow I continue to acquire books

    New book arrivals, all lined up

    I've fallen in love with Subterranean Press, a specialty science fiction publisher. They release gorgeous limited editions of books by fantastic authors. Recently I bought an awesome special hardcover edition of Grave Peril, the fourth Dresden Files book. And a few weeks ago, I was weak-willed enough to spend money on four additional books from them!

    Courtesy of BookMooch, All Tomorrow's Parties, by William Gibson, and The Stolen One, by Suzanne Crowley, arrived in the mail last week. I am slowly collecting Gibson's novels and hope to read them in some kind of order, so I probably won't get around to All Tomorrow's Parties any time soon. The Stolen One is Elizabethan-era fiction, marketed for young adults; I entered a giveaway for it on Goodreads and didn't win, but it looked interesting enough to put on my BookMooch wishlist.

    One of my discussion groups on Goodreads is reading N.K. Jemisin's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms this November. It looks like exactly the kind of fantasy I love, but I've been trying to reduce the number of books I buy until I get through my backlog. (As this post indicates, I'm failing miserably at this!) But I…

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  2. Belated birthday post

    This is a very belated birthday-related blog post. I started writing about my birthday the day after the fact, but I got sidetracked and never quite managed to finish the post. I need to start blogging again, because I have plenty to say. So we'll begin with my birthday.

    Some of my birthday presents, including manly panther tea.

    I don't celebrate my birthday with a lot of fanfare. However, I also don't sweep it under a rug like the curmudgeon in me is wont to do. I enjoy getting gifts, but that's true regardless of whether it's my birthday! Still, I got some pretty cool gifts from my family members. My dad got some books, as well as a whopping stack of Chapters gift cards, which are like candy you can use to buy books. My brother got me a mug with a stylized police badge that says "Spelling Police," as well as some tea. In particular, he got me a type of South American tea called Yerba Maté; I can't pronounce that name, so I just call it "panther tea," because the box has a panther on it. Incidentally, this is also why my brother selected that tea. In his own words: "Panthers are manly."

    I'm 21 now,…

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