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Articles from January 2009

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  1. Think This, Say That, Wear Your Flag


    I woke up this morning to the following headline in my RSS feeds, courtesy of CBC News: N.B. school silences O Canada. It already had 249 comments then; it's up to 658 comments as I'm writing this. CBC News has since updated the article to expand its content and provide a more detailed story; the original article was less informative, which didn't stop people from commenting on it.

    In case I haven't been clear…

  2. How NOT to microwave butter


    Note to self: when melting butter in the microwave to use over popcorn, do NOT set microwave to high.

    Butter all over the microwave.

    Luckily, our microwave is from 1987 and thus built like a tank. In order to destroy it, you'd actually have to stick a smaller microwave inside it and activate the two simultaneously. This would, of course, tear a hole in the space-time continuum, destroying the universe as well as the microwave. So don't try it.


  3. More narcissism and a little about you

    Published (Updated )

    Sometime between November and ... now ... it became now. I'm not quite sure when this happened, or how it happened((If you know, please do explain it to me.)) ... but it happened. Now that it's now and no longer then, that which was must become what was going to be when then became now--which is now.

    In that same spirit, the university felt it right and proper to commence a second term of classes…

  4. Further evidence that I lack common sense


    The hooks on the back of my door We all have humbling experiences that remind us we aren't as smart as we think we are. And even if we are that smart, sometimes we still lack common sense, and other times we just plain don't think.

    A couple of days ago, I woke up to the a slow but inexorable cracking noise coming from the vicinity of my bedroom door. Sometimes my cat scratches at my door in order to gain entry, oblivious…

  5. Top 10 best and worst books I read in 2008


    I had originally intended to eschew the "best of 2008" and "worst of 2008" trend that always appears at the end of the year.((I still intend to avoid resolutions.)) However, one of the best websites I discovered in 2008 was Goodreads. Since joining in May, I can't recommend it enough. A self-proclaimed bibliophile, much of my leisure time goes toward reading. Thanks to a terrible memory, I have trouble recalling the particulars of books…