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VSNS Lemon 4.0 RC 2 released

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VSNS Lemon 4.0 RC 2 is now available for download. It contains two changes. The first, and largest, change is that it no longer uses sessions to store the configuration variables. This makes it easier to integrate your blog with another page on your site. Secondly, because file_get_contents() generates a warning if allow_url_fopen is disabled, the RSS feed on the Admin CP index and the update checker will both fail gracefully if your host has allow_url_fopen disabled. In plain English, that just means that you'll need to come here to check for updates because your host won't let the script contact my site and check for you.

Otherwise, there's no other changes. If I don't learn about any major bugs in the next few days then this should be the last release candidate.

Download VSNS Lemon 4!