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Articles from December 2006

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  1. Little injustices


    Imagine shooting a film of your life using two cameras. One is set to a permanent closeup of you. The other one is set to the widest possible angle, covering the span of the entire universe, although still focused on you. There are reasons why we can't fathom the entire nature of existence.((Panasonic just doesn't make a big enough lens.))

    No one is perfect--no one can be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone sees everyone…

  2. My Kubuntu adventure continues


    Yesterday I took it upon myself to try and fix my wireless in Kubuntu (as it was broken). It eventually boiled down to plugging in an ethernet cable and upgrading to Edgy. Once I did this, KNetworkManager decided it would work again. :D

    With wireless working I was much more amenable to playing with Kubuntu. The next step was to get Firefox up to snuff--however, this proved to be a harder task than I first…

  3. Merry Christmas


    Merry Christmas. :D

    I had a pretty good Christmas, all things considered. Excellent turkey ... enough candy to hospitalize me ... good movies. I got Star Trek: Legacy and Sid Meier's Civilization IV.

    If you were thinking of buying Star Trek: Legacy, let me save you the time: don't. I am not overreacting. In the short time I played the game I found it to be utterly dissatisfactory. Firstly, there is no intro scene,…

  4. 200


    I just watched Stargate SG-1's 200th episode, "200", and it was simply incredible!

    With ten years and (now) over 200 episodes under its belt, Stargate SG-1 has crossed the threshold from science fiction series to phenomenon. Part of the key to its success was that it has never taken itself too seriously; the show makes references to pop culture and even itself in semi-fourth-wall breaking moments. The 200th episode takes this and delivers…

  5. I respectfully disagree


    It's very interesting to look at the people I admire and then ask myself why I admire them. What did they do, or say, to put them in that column? Often it's because I think what they say is so eloquent, so much more intelligent than anything I could say, and that's how they win me over to their side.

    And of course, that's probably it. Part of the way we strengthen our own convictions…

  6. I'm an idiot


    The integral of f(x) over [a,b] is equal to the integral of f(x) over [a,c] plus the integral of f(x) over [c,b]

    Note that f(x) must be the same over this interval. Silly me. :D

    (My only consolation is that not only did my two classmates fail to spot this, but the student teacher was the one who tried to do this with different functions and led us into the incorrect solution. :r)

  7. Well that's *brilliant*!

    Published (Updated )

    The Ninth Doctor's catchphrase was "Fantastic!", but I think that the Tenth prefers to say variations of "That's brilliant!" I really like the Tenth Doctor; David Tennant is doing a brilliant job at portraying his character, and the writers have done a smashing job with the plot.

    I just finished watching "The Impossible Planet" tonight (yes, I know the CBC is behind on the shows...). Wow. Part of the reason I love the Doctor, of…