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My Kubuntu adventure continues

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Yesterday I took it upon myself to try and fix my wireless in Kubuntu (as it was broken). It eventually boiled down to plugging in an ethernet cable and upgrading to Edgy. Once I did this, KNetworkManager decided it would work again. :D

With wireless working I was much more amenable to playing with Kubuntu. The next step was to get Firefox up to snuff--however, this proved to be a harder task than I first thought it would be. Several of my extensions did not seem to install properly, and they caused Firefox to behave oddly. I finally managed to bludgeon them into working, with the unfortunate exception of ColorZilla, which apparently does not work with Ubuntu. Suffice it to say that after that frustration, I finally have Firefox working. I'm keeping my bookmarks synced amongst Windows, Kubuntu, and my USB drive with Google Browser Sync.

My printer is still working without any problems! ^_^ That means less frustration for me. And I have no trouble accessing our desktop from my computer, although I've yet to get the desktop to be able to see this computer while it's in Kubuntu. But one step at a time. DVDs and music appear to be working properly too.

I can't play the DRMed m4p files I bought from the iTunes Music Store, of course, but that's not Kubuntu's fault (I'm just lazy, and the music store is so easy to use... :'(). It's not a big deal, since I have plenty of mp3s to play while in Kubuntu (or I can just listen on my iPod), although I wouldn't object if Apple actually made a Linux version of iTunes.

So everything seems to be going well--or at least, nothing has exploded yet.