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On a happier note

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/me coughs. Because my dad complains about my last posts being "less positive". rolleyes

I'm starting to settle into the “routine” of things at school now. I'm actually being challenged in math, which is nice. ^_^ We finally got our actual French teacher yesterday. She's nice, and very knowledgeable--to the point that she speaks mostly in French! I think she'll be good for us, though, especially because while I am strong at writing French, I can't speak it very well. (It's a combination of lack of vocabulary and poor pronunciation.) So I think I'll learn a lot from French, provided that I can understand the instructions.

When we got home from school today, my brother and I disassembled the makeshift shelf in our computer room. My dad's thinking of painting the walls, and he asked us to take the shelf apart and stack the stuff on it out in the hall. Then I built this super cool brick pyramid from the bricks that were used to hold up each layer of shelving. I lacked a last brick for the top, so I used a baseball trophy from the shelf.

Work on VSNS Lemon 3.2 proceeds well. I've finally finished getting the posts formatted how I want them, and the regexps sorted out. Now I just have to finish up the Admin CP and do some last-minute polishing.

New Stargate SG-1 episode tonight, and Battlestar Galactica on the weekend.

I should go write now.