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It's in the mail

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Yesterday I learned a lesson that I already knew. One should not be late in replying to requests from the people giving one a mail-in rebate. They sent me a letter, oh, two weeks ago, kindly informing me that I had left out the UPC from the digital camera and printer (the items which have the rebates).

I was supposed to ensure that they received these no later than February 14, 2006. /me looks at calendar. Whoops.

Yeah, I was inexcusably lazy and didn't get around to it in time. >_< Which means that this “free” printer actually cost me money. It's still a good printer; I just didn't intend to actually buy it.

That was my life lesson for yesterday. Oh, I knew that I should be responsible before that. It just really doesn't sink in until one has to pay for the printer.