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Seven days

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That's how many more days of school I have. :francis:

I'm freaking out a bit with stress over my two culminating activities: one for English and one for Drama. We present our English one on Thursday. I'm not that worried about it, since I suspect that I'll get a good mark regardless, but I am worried that I'm not worried. Why am I so unmotivated?

I'm worried about drama because I'm a perfectionist. I want our performance to be a polished masterpiece. We have tons of good ideas, but we need to focus and get a lot of particulars planned out before the 25th, when we present. I just finished grabbing some stuff that we might use.

Seven days of school . . . then exams, then a fresh new semester. I just have to not worry, stay unstressed, and I'll get through it fine. It'll all be good. . . .

I hope.