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What we leave behind

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I spent much of biology class ruminating on what we leave behind as we grow up. Growing up is a weird thing. It doesn't happen consistently, in my opinion, but in spurts of growth that can be defined by events in our life that shape our ongoing understanding the universe around us.

You see, we were going to take a note. From the classroom across the hall, all you could hear was a big, booming voice that said, "Did you know?!" It was Bill Nye! Bill Nye is awesome beyond reason. I loved watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, and regret that we don't watch it anymore. It was a "grade 9" thing apparently, and we "mature" and "advanced" grade 11 students don't get to watch Bill Nye. Which is kind of sad, because he's cool.

I also don't play with Lego enough. I love Lego. You know the Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail part with the "Knights of the Round Table" song? Yesterday I watched that . . . in Lego! Yes, in Lego. I've got tonnes of Lego upstairs; I should use it more.

And yes, I should get outside more. Even if it's just to bike or walk or scream at a squirrel who has stolen a carrot from the vegetable garden. The outdoors aren't so bad. It's just that I'm sedentary, intellectual, and addicted to my computer. :D

We've got this cool docudrama for our culminating activity, and we're presenting on Wednesday, January 25. That means we have nine days of school left before we present. I'm a bit stressed because I worry we'll run out of time, but I've decided not to worry about it outside of school, because that only leads to bad stuff.

I stayed up way too late last night. :r But it occurred to me that I could reach 80,000 words on my novel, so I decided not to go to bed until that happened. Ms. Sukalo was still online then! That is one crazy English teacher. Anyway, I reached 80,018, said good night to Ms. Sukalo (who was apparently working on her Hamlet stuff and craving honey-mustard pretzels) and went to bed.

Two days to the season 2 premiere of Battlestar Galactica! And Viv's birthday!