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Merry Christmahannukwanzaka Day Day

Note: This post was written before I realized I was trans and/or before I came out online. As such, I might refer to myself as a man or use my deadname. Please read my name policy to understand how you should refer to me.

My friends, crazy that they are, combined three major holidays and tacked an extra "day" on the end to make the uber-politically correct version. :D

Not very materialistic, I hope, I won't list the Christmas presents I got, because it's the thought that counts. . . . But I did like them. Particularly Age of Empires III, and the DVDs Serenity and the Firefly series. Now I need to convince my dad to go for a 14-hour marathon of the Firefly episodes. :shifty:

Have a very merry Christmas, anyone crazy enough to read this blog!