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Cynicism on the rise

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Christmas holidays are here, eh! Two weeks to relax. Since semiformal was last night, and it was the last day of school, few people showed today. We played "Mad Gab" in English and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Physics (I know, I know it's "Philosopher's" stone, but my teacher taped the American version).

I know that Stephen already ranted about this, but I feel a need to vent a little, so bear with me. What is with people these days? Server 13 goes down and people start to spam the InvisionFree support boards. . . .

I understand that people are upset. Yet apparently they cannot comprehend the fact that spamming and flaming only increase the work for we, the staff, who volunteer their time. Spamming will not get server 13 back online any time soon, nor will it make my life easier. I am quite disappointed to find that my optimism is unfounded: the majority of forum users do appear to be impatient.

It's not just the initial round of post disabling that I did last night. It's the users who create duplicate accounts to get around these bans. The people who send me immature PMs about how I'm being an evil power-hungry moderator. People who create "help boards" about the downtime and seem to know more than Brandon does. . . .

Oh well. All I can say is that I hope they have a merry Christmas, because if you guys don't stop, I know that I won't. :(*

In lighter news, I've scoped out a digital camera. CompuSmart has a FujiFilm FinePix A350 on sale on Boxing Day for a yummy price. As a special bonus one of the employees said they'd hide one for me. :D I wub CompuSmart. :wub:

So: InvisionFree users need to be more mature; digital cameras are good; expect VSNS Lemon 3.1.2 soon with 3.2 to follow; and have a merry Christmas!