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Slim Santa?

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Many of you know that Cookie Monster now eats cookies as a "sometimes" food. rolleyes Now, I am as much against rising child obesity as the next intelligent superluminal particle. It is a problem, especially in developed countries like Canada. But this . . . this goes too far!

The Christmas season is now upon us, and it has got me thinking (yes! :o). Santa really isn't all that different from Cookie Monster; he's this jolly old fat man who likes to eat cookies, yet he can still fit down a chimney even after all of that food. It suddenly occurs to me that if society manages to tone down Cookie Monster, then Santa Claus is the next logical target.

Anyone for "slim Santa"? A Santa Claus who advocates eating healthy food? Coca-Cola probably wouldn't buy into it (you do know what's in Coke, right? :ermm:) but I'm sure that tons of advocacy groups would have a field day. Slowly we'd see our cultural perceptions of Santa Claus shift from jolly old fat man to young, middle-aged multi-racial male with an average income and mixed religious background. :yes:

On the bright side, this means that the employment industry for mall and department store Santa Clauses will experience an increase in potential employees. :D

I might just go start a petition to stop this. I would, but Santa Claus and Cookie Monster are both telling me to go eat more cookies. :D