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Ice cubes

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I actually meant to post last night (or, I guess, very early this morning would be more correct) but never got around to it. :D

We've got a set of those plastic ice cube tray things at home. Now, like any good plastic ice cube tray, it has started to break. Portions of the plastic are tearing right where the cube-cup thing joins with the little skeleton along the top. For some reason, this means that the ice cubes don't like coming out any more.

And for that matter, who designed those trays anyway?! They're insanely hard to use even when they aren't broken. Either the ice cubes don't come out, they come out too quickly and slide about on the floor, or they come out in little shards that embed themselves in your left forearm and require radical emergency surgery to remove.

I also keep forget to mentioning that Firefox 1.5 is out. Go get it, eh.

News about my laptop: It seems that the reason they are taking so long with repairing it is quite simple, if frustrating. The laptop requires a new part, which is good, because this means that there must be something wrong with it, so I won't have to pay any sort of service charge. Free repairs are great (if they work). Unfortunately, the part was not in stock, so they've backordered it. Which means more delays.

Life. . . .