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Grandparents in town

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Well, my paternal grandparents arrived from Waterloo on Wednesday to visit with people they know from Thunder Bay. My brother and I got to see them a few times. On Thursday we went for lunch with them and my Uncle George (who is in fact more like my Great-Great-Uncle; he is 92). I had fish and chips, ordering 4 pieces of fish thinking they would be tiny and being confronted with several large pieces. I ate them anyway.

We got to see them again on Saturday, where we went fishing on a place called Sunshine near Kakabeka Falls. I didn't catch any fish, but it was worth a try, and fun, eh. :D

On Monday we went out to their friends' camp on Island Lake. We went swimming, my brother did a little more fishing, and then went out to the island on the lake; I paddled there in a canoe and he took a paddleboat. I enjoy canoeing. There was a dog called Cue who had accompanied us to the island in the motorboat with the smaller children, but decided to return to the shore via the canoe. Not only did I overcome my fear of water, but I also endured my fear of dogs, at the same time.

Today we went to the optometrists, and my eyes are still blurry from those eyedrops they give you. Apparently I have 20/40 vision, which means that what I see from 20 feet away, a "normal" person can back up and see the same from 40 feet away. The optometrist is giving me a stronger prescription, and I'm also getting nice prescription sunglasses, which will come in handy during the summer.

I've got a slew of features and upgrades planned for VSNS Lemon. At this time I think they will be included in version 3.1, although that isn't a final decision. As soon as I get around to getting the site back up, I'll include a new feature list, although development is still under way.

Lastly, for those of you who left some nice comments in the July 8 article, you may notice some disappeared. I didn't delete them, it's that we switched servers and I couldn't update UNI.CC's DNS until a few days ago because of their stupid "maintenance" (the service doesn't work anyway). I can't wait until I can get my own domain....