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Articles from June 2005

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  1. Dual booting my emotions


    Lots of updates (the site moved servers).

    I installed Ubuntu Linux on my computer. Now it is a dual boot Unbuntu/Win XP laptop. There are some hardware issues with the CPU and heating, but otherwise it is pretty cool. Ubuntu has almost everything that I need, including the GIMP and a functional word processor. I'm still a Linux newbie, but I'm learning as I go.

    School continues to wind down. The schedule continues to be…

  2. Visit to the orthodontist


    I went to the orthodontist today, first time for everything. Apparently I have an underbite, which occurs where my lower jaw protrudes out from my face slightly more than my lower jaw. Mine is very slight, only about a millimetre, so apparently it isn't much to worry about yet. The treatment would be jaw surgery in which a portion of my lower jaw is cut, removed, and then the remainer is slid back to correct…

  3. A very dramatic blog entry


    Well, there's been a few changes. I got the random quote up, although due to some FreeType library problems, it is in a text version rather than an image. Also, I've added a background-image, a starfield. It was created by me, using the GIMP and a convenient tutorial.

    To go with the starfield, I released a new logo. Those of you using Internet Explorer on a Windows platform will probably now be wondering why…