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  1. These are the moments that mean something

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    As I write this, I’m very sore, because I spent several hours last night dancing. I had the privilege and honour of not just attending the wedding of my friend Cassie but of being in her bridal party.

    I’m starting to get the hang of this wedding thing, I think.

    Cassie is one of my oldest and bestest friends. Although there was a lapse during our childhood after I moved across town, we reconnected at…

  2. Home via Halifax


    I’m home. I’m sitting in my bedroom, in my slightly-too-short-for-this-desk rolling chair, a cup of tea in my big blue Eeyore mug to my right, and my fabulous bookshelves to my left.

    Oh, and my room is a mess. My suitcases lie on the floor in front of the bookshelves and TV, bulging and gravid with my life in England. I haven’t even attempted to unpack yet. I need to tidy the room first, for…