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  1. CUMC 2010, Day 1


    It is Wednesday, July 7. The CUMC talks began today.

    I went to four talks today. Rather than summarize them all--I enjoyed them all--I'll mention some highlights. The first talk of the afternoon was both my least favourite and most favourite talk. Entitled "The Ontology of Mathematics: Do Numbers Exist?," the presenter read from dense slides, which did not make for the most riveting experience. There was some lively discussion among the audience, however, and…

  2. Combinatorics and Optimization, Day 2


    It is Tuesday, July 6.

    Today's four talks began with electrical networks and random walks. That is, suppose you have a graph that describes a network through which electricity flows. Starting at a vertex x, what is the probability that, when walking at random along the graph, we will arrive at a vertex s instead of a vertex t? This talk was very easy to follow (for which I am thankful), even though…

  3. Combinatorics and Optimization, Day 1


    I wrote this last night at my grandparents' house, which has no Internet connection I can feasibly use (dial-up does not count), so I had to wait until today to post it from the University of Waterloo campus. All references to "today" refer to Monday, July 5.

    This week, Rachael, Aaron, and I have travelled to Waterloo, Ontario for two math conferences. The first is the Combinatorics & Optimization Summer School, a two-day event…

  4. Grand Marais and back again


    I got up slightly before 7 AM today, which is a feat unto itself. Bathed, ate, went online for a little. We left before 10, gassed up at the prohibitively expensive gas station, and were on our way.

    I took the time to work on Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is a very good book. Crossing the border wasn't difficult, although there was a long lineup. Then we were in the US of…

Showing 21 to 24 of 24 results