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  1. In memoriam: Mug


    My favourite mug, Mug

    Two weeks ago to this day, I broke my favourite mug. I was heartbroken.

    I don't like calling myself a materialist, but we all place sentimental value on certain items when they become important to us. Up until two years or so ago, I rotated among three or four different mugs for my tea--yes, mugs. "Cups" are for prats and amateurs. Hardcore tea-drinkers drink tea by the mug, and the really hardcore tea enthusiasts…

  2. Green is the new black


    What's with this sudden obsession about going green?

    I'm not talking about environmentalism either. I'm talking about the new trend to infuse green tea into every possible drink. The Lipton green iced tea I understand (and enjoy). But Canada Dry green tea ginger ale?! Quoi? :huh: And all those specialty brands, like that Arizona chilled green tea (which I think tastes horrible)... it just seems like someone's been planning this, as if there is…