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  1. Spontaneous snowfall, spontaneous snowballs


    I always forget that November is a busy month. October lulls me into a false sense of security, for despite its containment of midterms, it never really has much work for me. Then November comes around, and suddenly it's whoa. Where did all this homework come from? Oh, and I'm working all weekend for a fundraising event at the gallery? Great.

    This weekend was probably my busiest weekend of the year in terms of…

  2. Houston, the snow has landed


    Driveway before shovelling


    There is no other way to describe it. Since it started four days ago, winter has systematically and ambitiously blotted out any trace of summer from our lovely little town, plunging us into a deep snowy (literally) miasma of cold. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    But there is snow, and lots of it. My dad and I spent about an hour shovelling this morning--and that was just to clear the driveway so…