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  1. Universal warming

    As I've said previously, I'm tired of the repetitive fearmongering being done in the name of our "global warming" crusade. It's another example of herd mentality exacerbating a crisis that it is supposed to be solving. Last century it was nuclear weapons, this century it's global warming.

    Well wake up people, and stop being so selfish! After all, we are not the only planet in this universe. There are many other planets out there that are heating up. In fact, I've "discovered" a dangerous new phenomenon that must be stopped! Universal warming.

    Here's how it goes. We constantly produce information. Information is useless without transmission; it only becomes usable when conveyed from one state to another (i.e., from person to person). Transmitting information requires energy. As energy is used, entropy in the system increases. To demonstrate, take talking for example. If you talk about something, you are transmitting information. This means you are increasing the net entropy of the universe. Everything you do increases entropy, unfortunately.

    Why is entropy bad? Because entropy is the tendency of a system toward increasing disorder. As entropy increases, the amount of usable energy declines. Eventually we'll suffer the heat-death of the universe and the…

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  2. The death of culture

    Often you'll read one critic or intellectual or another say something along the lines of how Hollywood is destroying the movie industry, creating cheap flicks at the expense of "art" and "culture". And as much as I am sometimes tempted to agree with this cynical evaluation of our entertainment industry, I can't bring myself to jump on that bandwagon. I just can't.

    I have observed that more movies are "packaged" these days. What are "packaged" movies? Well, these are the hits that look and feel like the director simply sent in a form from a mail-order catalogue--he or she filled out the title and main characters, and the company sent back a pre-packaged movie: special effects, music, etc. Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and--especially with its third installment--Spider-Man are packaged blockbusters.

    Are packaged movies inherently evil? Does it make a movie bad? Of course not. I like each of those three movie series above--although none of them are particularly spectacular--but they aren't moving and they aren't cathartic. And sometimes you need that. Sometimes you don't need a purging; you just need some action, some humour, and some explosions. The only reservation I carry is…

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  3. Taming of the Shrew

    Theatre in the round is cool, especially in a small cozy one. You can really see the actors up close. The Taming of the Shrew was really good, I loved every moment of it. The actors were talented and played their parts convincingly without overplaying them. My favourites were Petruchio and Tranio. And when Vincentio and fake Vincentio met, it was a classic moment.

    The most interesting part of the evening came after the play, however, which was the last performance of hte production. At the end, under a spotlight with a bouqet of flowers, the actor who played Petruchio proposed to the actor who played Katherina (and she accepted!). It was a great moment.

    I hear, in other news, that the Border Cats won their last regular game even though they had probably been partying last night. Goodbye, Robbie Johns! To the playoffs we go!

  4. Dual booting my emotions

    Lots of updates (the site moved servers).

    I installed Ubuntu Linux on my computer. Now it is a dual boot Unbuntu/Win XP laptop. There are some hardware issues with the CPU and heating, but otherwise it is pretty cool. Ubuntu has almost everything that I need, including the GIMP and a functional word processor. I'm still a Linux newbie, but I'm learning as I go.

    School continues to wind down. The schedule continues to be affected by our impending closure. My exams, mostly held in-class, are going pretty well (100 in English and 97 in Science). I took the second part of my English exam on Tuesday but have yet to receive a mark, I think I'll get it on next Thursday. My History exam is on Monday, followed by the second part of my Science exam on Wednesday.

    The impending closure continues to loom. We had a "Blue Bear Bash" on Wednesday. We got to see pictures of our school and its students through various decades. FWCI has been around for 107 years, since 1898. It's seen two World Wars, the Cold War, the invention of the radio, television, computer. . . . What saddens me the most…

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