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  1. Never forget

    Today in Canada, as well as in many other countries around the world, we celebrate the end of World War I and remember those soldiers who gave their lives serving their countries. In Canada, we wear a poppy to show our respect for those who have fallen; the Royal Canadian Legion makes them available in return for small donations. It is of course associated with the Remembrance Day poem "In Flanders Fields" by Canadian soldier John McCrae, who served in World War I.

    World War I was known then as "the war to end all wars." Yeah ... uh, that didn't really work very well, did it? In fact, sometimes it feels like we have even more strife than ever. We learn about the two World Wars in school, study their causes and their aftermaths, but do we really learn from these wars? Do we take to heart their morals and stay firm in our resolve to never again lead the world over that terrible precipice? Sometimes, I have my doubts.

    I'm not very into nationalism. I'm proud of my country and proud to be Canadian, sure. But I have no intention of serving in our armed forces,…

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  2. We remember

    I remember a lot of things. It comes with having a brain whose neurology is more complex than the fastest supercomputer. It comes with having a mind that can look up into the stars and wonder why we're here. It comes with those little packs of Smarties you get at Hallowe'en.

    Today is Remembrance Day, so I figured I should post something about that before I continue my little existence on this small planet as it whirls around the star we call the Sun. You see, even though I'm not a fan of wars, which get in the way of more important things, like supper, I have enormous respect for those who risk their lives in war. Because they put their lives on the line, and sometimes even died, for a cause and for a people and for an ideal that they hoped would live beyond them.

    Which is why we have as much a duty to them as they did to us back in those fateful days. We have to continue devoting ourselves to forging that ideal they upheld, and to making the world a better place; that is the best way to be true to their memory. Shiny…

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  3. Moment of silence please

    Today we solemnly commemorate to those brave Canadian men and women who gave their lives for our country. This day, called Remembrance Day, serves to honour their memory and their sacrifices.