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  1. Mr. Idaho. Surprised to see me?


    I've finished Sandworms of Dune, the final installment of the Dune saga. Originally conceived by Frank Herbert, who wrote six novels before his death, his son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have written six prequels based on the material left behind by Herbert. Since then, they tackled the challenge of completing the famed "Dune 7", the conclusion of the story arc begun in Chapterhouse Dune. This book they split up into two:

  2. March Marathon Madness


    Well, the marathon was quite entertaining. First I woke up in time to watch all six parts of The 4400, which I found interesting when it first aired. Then the final five episodes of Farscape followed immediately thereafter by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Part 1. Farscape is truly a series that I enjoy: witty, funny, ironic, emotional, profound and facetious at the same time.

    Then six straight hours of Frank Herbert's Children of Dune

  3. Time for a break


    I finished The Da Vinci Code yesterday, my English teacher lent me the illustrated edition for March Break. It was awesome! The plot is compelling and excellently constructed, and the characters are pretty realistic. The ending was slightly rushed, in my opinion, and not as fulfilling as I would have liked.

    Speaking of the March Break . . . it's over now. It was fun while it lasted. Would I like more time? Yes, of…

  4. Happy Thanksgiving


    Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians, eh. Happy Columbus Day to Americans.

    I watched House of Sand and Fog on Saturday. It was an incredibly depressing movie, and drowning with symbolism. If you haven't seen it, don't watch it.

    Today, I watched Space's Miniseries Marathon. I didn't get up in time for V: The Miniseries, but I saw V: The Final Battle. I'm not a big V fan, but it was good. Then there was