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  1. Home sweet home


    I'm back in Thunder Bay. :D And although I had an unqualified awesome time with Lauren in Ohio, I am very glad to be back home. In fact, here's a couple of reasons why:

    Driving and driving with my music. Until today, I hadn't driven in two weeks. It was nice to be chauffeured around everywhere, even as the Americans obsessed over gas prices that are fully a dollar less than they are up…

  2. Driving


    I went driving for my first time today after Black Light! :|

    I didn't crash the car into anything, though, so we'll call it a success. My dad took me to a subdivision where there's no traffic. Basically I tried to get comfortable with the car--which still scares me--and get a feel for using the steering wheel, gas, brakes, etc. I bemoan my lack of spatial sense and find it very difficult to know just…

  3. G1 Licenced


    Today I went to write the "knowledge test" to get my G1 licence, and I am happy to say that I passed. So now I need to go find a school....

    For those of you who don't live in Ontario, we have a "graduated licencing" system. Basically I get a G1 by passing this test, and then I have to practice with that for 12 months (8 if I take a driving school course, which…