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  1. Contents may catch fire

    We've got this bottle of whiteout in the drawer at the front desk of the art gallery. Regular whiteout or whatnot. I was bored one day and read the tiny printing on the back of the label. After resting my eyes from the strain of trying to read the subatomic type, I considered the implications of this warning: "Contents may catch fire." :huh:

    It's very ambiguous. What do they mean, "contents may catch fire?" So this liquid might just decide to spontaneously combust while it's sitting in the drawer? o_O Or does it mean that if I expose it to a heat source then the contents might catch fire, but on the other hand, they might not. I half-expected the brand name to be Schrodinger's Whiteout.

    I could expand my reading of the label to create even more interpretations. For instance, prior to the warning about quantum flammability, it says, "Keep out of reach of children". Let's concatenate that. "Keep out of reach of children; contents may catch fire." Let me get this straight: the whiteout company is implying that today's average child is some sort of pyromaniac who will light whiteout on fire at any chance he or…

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  2. Visa: Communists, terrorists, or both?

    The Visa credit card company is always trying to give us free stuff. Think about it: "win what you buy"? That grocery contest? We all know that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. The glorious capitalist system was founded on such a principle. So if Visa is giving away things for free, then they are violating the very foundation of free-market economy.

    Is Visa in league with the terrorists? It wouldn't surprise me: working away at our morals from the inside. It's of course the only logical conclusion. :yes:

    You might argue that Visa only uses these contests as promotional ventures to encourage spending through the Visa credit card. Quite frankly I think such detractors from my logical argument simply harbour sympathies for Visa and other communist conspirators!

    I'm glad I've exposed this plot to shake the very pillars of prosperity before it went too far. :arr:

  3. Global Warming: The buzzword of the 2000s

    Graph showing the inverse relationship of pirates and global temperature Perfectly valid scientific theories have the unfortunate tendency to become conflated and overladen with inaccurate information after becoming generally accepted public fact.

    Let me start off, however, with a few disclaimers. I do believe that the "global warming phenomenon" exists to a quantifiable degree, that the Earth's temperature is slowly rising, that humans are contributing to it (although not necessarily as much as some claim, but probably more than most would like to admit) with our dependency on fossil fuels, and that it does pose a threat to the future of our species.

    Up here in Canada we're experiencing an unusually mild winter. As a result, the term "global warming" has become one of the decade's top buzzwords: words that people use even though they don't actually apply. It's liked "Web 2.0". It's a term that at one time had a valid definition, but the public has seized upon it, gutted it mercilessly, and taken it so far out of context that it no longer means anything at all. The same is happening to global warming. Once a fine scientific theory, people are blowing it out of proportion.

    "Oh my God, he's gone conservative!" you start screaming at me. "How…

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  4. Western society

    Ben: I blame the church Lauren: lol Lauren: For what? Ben: Everything. Ben: No, think about it. Ben: The Church's only major opponents throughout history have been educated people. Remove the desire to learn, and you remove the potential for educated people to undermine your grip on the world. Ben: In fact, all of Western society is essentially a sinful existence purposefully manufactured by the Church for the Church. It reinforces laziness, and offers so many decadent temptations (reality television, celebrity scandal, capitalism, etc.) that it's quite hard not to sin. And then who steps in to absolve you? The Church.

    Just thought I'd share. :angel: Society these days is so complicated that it is hard to believe there's not someone behind the scenes pulling the strings.

    Conspiracy theories are great, aren't they? ^_^