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  1. Cover image for Starting 2022 with a fresh look

    Starting 2022 with a fresh look


    I’ve redesigned my personal site to match Kara.Reviews and learned Tailwind, a CSS toolkit, in the process.
  2. Code fatigue and an amateur dilemma


    I believe this is what we call an impasse.

    My first forays online were in direct proportion to me learning how to code. I crafted my website in HTML, by hand, on GeoCities, for upwards of three years. Then I learned PHP, and MySQL, and from there the sky was the limit. For a long time, I loved coding for the web.

    This website is currently running a Frankensteined combination of…

  3. My major focus in my work at the Adult Education Centre has been adapting online courses for the Hybrid Learning Project. Basically, these are high school courses adult learners can complete online, but there is also an in-person tutorial component to them. I’ve been adapting the e-Learning Ontario MDM4U (Grade 12 Data Management) course. I’m almost done.

    I could write an entire post about this assignment and how I feel about it, but that’s for…

  4. Excuse me while I orient my object


    I was bored again . . . a few days ago I downloaded a C/C++ compiler called Dev-C++ and I'm going to start learning C++, with the eventual goal of making cool text-based games. But everyone has to start somewhere.

    Luckily my PHP experience is paying off, a lot of the stuff such as looping, conditions, all that heavy stuff is already known to me. The only really new concept is OOP—which isn't new,…