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Articles from September 2014

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  1. Will consult on your spam email for $$$


    I don’t get a great deal of spam, and Gmail does protect me from the most obvious—from a machine’s point of view. Gmail has dropped the ball, however, on detecting spam that is clearly spam to a human but cleverly disguised as legitimate. Here’s a message I received on Wednesday:

    Dear owner of, I’m sure you have been contacted in this matter many times before but our value proposition is much different. We show…
  2. Libraries make my day


    I feel the need to make note on this blog that I’m 25 now. Since Saturday.

    I started a blog post last week about how I felt to be 25. Essentially it boiled down to “I don’t feel like an adult yet still” and then digressed into morose ruminations on the cognitive dissonance of being Facebook friends with people from high school I never talk to. It was entirely too serious and lugubrious considering…