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Obsess much?

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Tomorrow is my first day of my first year of university. I'm both excited and nervous. Today I went shopping for school supplies. Notebooks, pens, that sort of thing.

I have two math classes, so I'll be doing a lot of pencil work. I love wooden pencils and have eschewed their mechanical counterparts up until now. However, since the spacial organization of lecture-style seating makes pencil sharpening more of an Olympic sport than useful utility, I've decided to make the leap to mechanical pencils. But, being who I am, I couldn't just stop there. Oh no. It's never that simple. :D

Wal-Mart presented me with a good, but not dazzling, selection of pencils from which to choose. Being a last minute vulture meant I only had the leftovers, but they still presented me with a poser. Firstly, mechanical pencils come in different diameters of lead! So naturally I had to buy one type of pencil that uses 0.7 mm lead and one that uses 0.5 mm lead in order to compare the two. :shifty: Secondly, if I'm going to be using the same pencil for hours a day, I want one that's comfortable; I ignored the cheaper mechanical pencils and went for two brands that came with grips. The 0.7 one is thinner; the 0.5 one is thicker and has a more durable grip.

So to summarize: yes, I bought two different types of mechanical pencils in order to analyse how I like them and decide which one I prefer based on lead diameter and grip comfort. Go me.