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Math rocks!

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I got to miss the entire day of school for a math competition at the university. ^_^

The individual competition was in the morning, so I sat in the lecture theatre with a hundred or so other kids and answered 15 multiple choice and 5 full solution questions (or attempted to answer, I guess). It was pretty hard, but not as bad as last year. I did well on the multiple choice, I think, although not so well on the full solution.

Then we got a free lunch, which is always a nice break. :D Pasta, chicken wings. Nanaimo bars for dessert. Mmm. After lunch those of us from Westgate tossed a Frisbee around for a little, since it was so nice outside. They gave away free Frisbees, coffee mugs, and of course, the annual t-shirt.

Then there was the team competition. That went better than the individual one. I was partnered with two other fairly smart kids, so we did fine.

I'm not sure why I love this math competition so much, except that I do. Well, it was cool to get a day off school and a free lunch just for doing math. And the t-shirt is nice. ^_^

Not that I'm materialistic or anything...