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Cylons among us

Almost a year ago, I blogged about the season 2 finale of Battlestar Galactica.

I was upset then, or shocked would be the term, I guess. I got over it though, and the finale was one of the best episodes thus far. This season's finale, however, has raised that bar to a whole new level.

In case you haven't realised yet, this post contains severe spoilers that may blind those who have not seen the episode. If you don't want the surprise ruined, stop reading right now. I mean it. Don't you dare peek below this line. If you do, I'll have to send someone over to your house. That's right--I know where you live. Want to fight about it? Oh, you do, do you? Eh? Eh?


The music at the end of the episode was awesome, as was the pull back to the entire galaxy and subsequent zoom in on Earth. However, aside from the technical details, the episode itself was ... whoa.

I was fairly sure Tigh was a Cylon, since he was hearing the music. Tori surprised me, and Anders too, although in retrospect I can see where the pieces start coming together. I loved this season finale, especially for the part where they realise that they are Cylons and go back to doing their jobs anyway. You know what I can't wait for? Not for Adama's reaction to finding out Tigh is a Cylon--no, that will be interesting, but what will be more interesting is the look on Cavil's face. Realising that he took out the eye of a guy who is another Cylon ... this is going to put a crinkle in their plans for humanity.

Frankly, I expected Baltar's acquittal. It just wouldn't be Battlestar Galactica without Baltar around as a testament to humanity's darker side, to its weaknesses. He survived--which is, as Lee pointed out, what this has been about from the beginning. Surviving. Finding Earth. And Starbuck? Yeah, she isn't dead. But where did she go? Is she really back, or is Lee just hallucinating? The finale brought up a lot of questions. Who is the final Fifth Cylon? Gaeta, with his betrayal of Baltar? Roslin, with her sharing of visions with the known Cylons on the ship? I dunno. I guess we have to wait until January to find out.

Gah! January. I'm kind of disappointed by that, but then again, there isn't much I can do about it. We do get two hours in between to tide us over, little windows into the BSG universe's past--flashbacks that apparently set up season four. I don't know what it's in store, but it's good television, so I'll keep watching.