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Headshot of me wearing red lipstick Kara Babcock

Guess who made emoticons!

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I'm not a graphics artist by any measure of the word. However, since no one was kind enough to make me emoticons for my scripts, I had to do it myself. And they actually turned out rather well. :o

Now I need to clean up the CSS tomorrow and write some documentation. I hope to ship it as v1.1 Beta sometime this weekend, so keep your eyes out (and legs, and such, unless you're in a moving vehicle, in which case all body parts should be kept inside the vehicle at all times).

To whet your appetite, I'll leave you with a shiny link to the test book. You can "sign" it in that I let you see the signature form, but I've banned all IP addresses from signing.

Ten days. I finished my slide show to accompany my oral report in French, and now I just have to write an essay. We get out early tomorrow, so I can probably start it then.