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Beavers, Chainsaws, French, and the Academy Awards

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I'm kind of um . . . surprised that "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won for Best Original Song. That was unexpected. Fortunately, I'm buoyed by Crash's successful bid for Best Picture. I told you so. ;) It's an awesome movie, and now that it's an "Academy-award winner", if you didn't want to see it before, you have to go see it or fear being shunned by the rest of society!

Last school week before March Break. Kind of anti-climactic? Well, it can't be more anticlimactic than the last two weeks--come to think of it, than the entire semester! People, teachers, et cetera (I guess teachers are people too... ) were sick, and now the travel club has left for Europe. I have to present my French project today; it's just a short oral presentation with a partner. Unfortunately, while I'm quite competent at writing French, my pronunciation sounds like I'm attempting to skin a live beaver at a chainsaw-wrestling competition.

I'll leave you with that image. Have a nice day. :)