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English language debates - Round 2

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Tonight was the first of the second set of leadership debates, the English language one.

It was better than the last English language debate. They didn't keep on cutting each other off, and I don't think the moderator had to turn off their microphones this time around. But the same rhetoric was still there. Let's unmask it:

Harper: The Liberals are corrupt. (Maybe if I repeat this over and over, people will become hypnotised and not notice my lack of charisma.) Layton: Please please please elect me. Ignore those other guys; I don't know them. Change is good! Martin: I make Chrétien look good. Duceppe: The Liberals shouldn't get a third chance! But this referendum should!

Honestly I still find Duceppe the most attractive candidate, yet he's a separatist. Harper makes my skin crawl, and Martin and Layton are more steeped in rhetoric than a cup of Tim Hortons tea.

I found Martin's comment about getting rid of the notwithstanding clause intriguing. He's obviously doing it to reignite the campaign in a new direction away from all of this Liberal-bashing. I find myself of two minds. On the surface I like getting rid of it. But it would be a heady decision.