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Curse you bots! Curse you!

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It appears my site is the site to be . . . if you work for a pharmaceutical company, that is. For the past few weeks, bots (or really bored but motivated people... ) have been spamming my blog with comments. Some advertise dieting drugs, a few poker . . . but it was getting very annoying.

I've added a small verification feature to my comments to hopefully avoid them. If not, I shall have to summon up a flock of illiterate pigeons.

In other news . . . Bordercats are doing fine. They lost the game I saw today (fast game!) but I'm confident they will recover. We have impressive fielding, but our hitting is only so-so. And unfortunately some of our best players are leaving before the end of the season, such as Jonathan Diaz, a most awesome shortstop who makes great game-saving plays.

I should go to bed, tomorrow I must get up bright and early. We (my family) are going on a road trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota. Living close to the border does have its advantages, eh. The trip there and back will be somewhere around 3-4 hours, so I'll have time to finish some books, hopefully.

My brother and father have joined the dark side! They actually purchased an item advertised by The Canadian Tire family! I was shocked and appalled. The Motomaster Eliminator something-or-other. Basically a very large battery with lots of adaptor plugins that you can charge by plugging into your car. The device is probably quite useful, but I can't believe they bought something advertised by the Canadian Tire family. . . .

Anyway, road trip tomorrow. I'll probably post about it when I get home, around 7 PM or so.