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Ben Babcock

18 Articles in 2014

  1. December

    1. Is this the future? I like it
    2. New phone: Nexus 5
  2. November

    1. It's Desert Bus time again
  3. October

    1. That autumn feeling
  4. September

    1. Will consult on your spam email for $$$
    2. Libraries make my day
  5. August

    1. On police cameras, Ferguson, and justice
    2. Home via Halifax
  6. July

    1. Missing the little things in England
    2. Last day teaching in England
  7. June

    1. Visit to Kentwell Hall
  8. April

    1. Amsterdam travel diary: Wednesday
    2. Amsterdam travel diary: Tuesday
    3. Amsterdam travel diary: Monday
  9. March

    1. Missing winter
  10. January

    1. First completed pair of socks!
    2. My winter travel adventure
    3. Top 10 best books of 2013

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I’m a 27-year-old math and English teacher back in Canada after two years teaching in England. In my free time, I read books! When I’m not reading, I’m writing, coding, or knitting.

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I started coding websites, in bad HTML on Geocities, in 2004 in a fit of whimsy. Since then I’ve learned PHP/MySQL, coded my own blog software, and rebuilt this site several times. With the exception of the blog, it’s currently running on the exquisite Symphony CMS. This website is hosted by HawkHost

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