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Ben Babcock

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  1. That autumn feeling

    My front yard in autumn

    Well, it’s happened. The leaves have changed colour. They are starting to fall. That chill is in the air again. Autumn is here.

    I’m lucky enough to live in a part of Canada that (usually) experiences all four seasons to a good extent. And I am especially anticipating winter this year, of course, because I “missed” it last year. But no season rivals autumn in its splendour and majesty, certainly not here in Thunder Bay.

    We tend to regard autumn, much like spring, as an interstitial season. It’s that awkward pause between summer and winter. Unlike spring, however, autumn really makes its presence known. It’s not just the colourful leaves, of course, or the frost nipping at our gardens. It’s the atmosphere and mood that begins to roll over the community. If spring is the time of growth and rebirth, autumn is a time for taking stock, for shelving some things and beginning others. It is the season of merciful endings and tentative beginnings.

    When I was younger, I always liked autumn because I liked going back to school. Yeah, I was a dork that way. Oh, I dreaded those last two weeks of summer as much as any child:…

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