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  1. Missing winter

    I’m wearing shorts right now.

    Shorts. In March. OK, I wore shorts in March back in Canada—but towards the end of March, when the snow was actually melting. Today it’s so nice that I can go outside and sit in shorts and a T-shirt without so much as a jacket. Crazy.

    A few weeks ago, I asked my dad to send me a photo of the snow back home so I could see what I was missing:

    Snow-covered yards and a freshly-plowed street back home

    I was thinking about how students and teachers back in Thunder Bay had the day off school twice on the same week that I was enjoying a relaxing half-term break—once for Family Day on Monday, and then, as I learned through Twitter, on Friday for a snow day.

    For Canadians, snow days are something magical—maybe even sacred—particularly for children. They are a gift: an unscheduled day off school, with a fresh helping of snow, just lying there, waiting to be transformed into a fort, a snowman, or even that elusive, perfect snowball. I relished snow days as a kid.

    Last year over here in England, I experienced my first two snow days as a teacher. Now, a snow day in England is slightly…

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