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Ben Babcock

28 Articles in 2010

  1. December

    1. Swype: The compromise between QWERTY familiarity and touchscreen elegance
    2. Your holiday relaxation program commences in 3, 2, 1...
    3. I have an Android phone!
  2. November

    1. Spontaneous snowfall, spontaneous snowballs
  3. October

    1. Somehow I continue to acquire books
    2. Belated birthday post
  4. September

    1. Summer endings, September beginnings
  5. July

    1. The census controversy: a travesty of Galilean proportion
    2. On romance and genre in literary criticism
    3. CUMC 2010, Days 3 and 4
    4. CUMC 2010, Day 2
    5. CUMC 2010, Day 1
    6. Combinatorics and Optimization, Day 2
    7. Combinatorics and Optimization, Day 1
    8. No sugar tonight
  6. June

    1. Music must change
    2. Why I hate Facebook's news feed
    3. Guitar and pen
  7. May

    1. You ain't seen nothing yet
    2. Start me up
    3. Thanks to the Hugos, I have not totally abandoned democracy
    4. Game Over: Would you like to play again? How Conservatives and copyright broke my spirit
  8. April

    1. Old and busted/New hotness
    2. Boldly going forward, because we can't find reverse
  9. March

    1. Why the Vinyl Cafe is very Canadian
  10. February

    1. Summer scoop: I have an NSERC grant!
    2. Battle scars
  11. January

    1. Top 10 best and worst books I read in 2009

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