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  1. Why the Vinyl Cafe is very Canadian

    A week ago Thursday, I went to see The Vinyl Cafe live at our auditorium. But because I've been busy doing other things--i.e., homework--I haven't bothered blogging about it until now.

    I love The Vinyl Cafe, and nothing beats going to see it live. I went the last time the show was in Thunder Bay, two years ago, and I'll go when it comes back in two years. Until then, I'll continue listening to the show in podcast form and nurse my lovely swag, which this year consists of Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe and the Planet Boy CD, both of which I got signed by Stuart!

    The musical guests accompanying The Vinyl Cafe were The Good Lovelies. I love how The Vinyl Cafe gives play to Canadian artists, especially new or relatively unknown artists--I've some songs I really like from listening to the show.

    Why do I so love The Vinyl Cafe? We often define Canadian identity by negation (for example, Canadians are "not American"). Yet if I had to name something quintessentially Canadian, I would choose The Vinyl Cafe. Say what you will about what sort of programming the CBC is producing these days:…

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