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Math competition

Today I participated in the TD Canada Trust Math Competition at LU. I went last year too, although it was at the college then because of a strike at the university.

I don't think I did too well at the individual portion. Part of the reason was that some of the questions involved stuff I simply haven't learned yet. As for the team competition...I think we did reasonably well. Again, I felt a bit useless because I was on a team with two grade 12s (the grade above me) and I didn't know half as much as they did. :D Plus, there was nothing on conic sections! That was my "thing", since I had just finished learning it, whereas the grade 12s had forgotten it. Oh, there were sequences and series all right (another grade 11 subject that I haven't learned), but no conics whatsoever!

So yeah...we did get down an answer for every question, but we used the horrendous method of guess-and-check for nearly every one, and our proofs were quite flimsy. :D The answers will be posted online sometime this weekend, so I'll get a link up to them later.

Lunch was quite good. There was pasta, caesar salad, buns, and lots of little pieces of cakes and sundaes for dessert. :drool: I enjoyed it muchly. Oh, and I got a t-shirt.

So it wasn't a bad day; I wish I could have done better, but I did get the day off school and I think I acquitted myself as well as I could have. I'm tired now and feel burdened by all the stuff I have to do. >_< None of it is marked "urgent", so I don't do it. I'm so lazy.

I did type this up, so I guess that's today's accomplishment.

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