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  1. This year I learned: friendship is a verb

    I’m not always down for a “year in review” kind of post, except maybe for my reading—it’s not that I dislike them, but hey, they require effort. Yet 2017 has seen so many dramatic changes in my life that I feel the need to set something down in this record for posterity. Disclaimer: I know that 2017 has been a shit year for many people, but for me personally, it has been rather great. If you aren’t interested in reading a post filled with unbridled positivity, I understand.

    Firstly, obviously, I bought a house! This was a long time coming, though I did accelerate my timetable somewhat. Four months in, and I have zero regrets. I am loving this life. I’ll talk a little bit more about how living alone in a house of my own has changed things for the better later in this post.

    Secondly, I quit my part-time job as a gallery attendant at my local art gallery (read more on that in this blog post—I was good about documenting changes as they happened!). I had some trepidation about this. Aside from the (small) drop in my income, the gallery was a significant source of…

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