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Ben Babcock

31 Articles in 2012

  1. December

    1. Teaching and Twitter
  2. November

    1. Scotland Trip: Sunday
    2. Blaaargh. Sick.
    3. Scotland Trip: Saturday
  3. October

    1. Time for a break. How about Scotland?
    2. I'm an adult now
  4. September

    1. Life in England: It goes on
    2. I teach now. Teaching is cool
    3. Who’s running the Asylum (of the Daleks)?
    4. Life in England: the London edition
  5. August

    1. Cows of Cambridge, or, Vegetable steamers need to diet
    2. Living in Bury St Edmunds: Arrival
    3. Moving preparations
    4. What Mass Effect means to me
  6. July

    1. Dusting off the Dell
    2. Goodbye, Kaylee
    3. Iday Vlog
  7. June

    1. Iday Diary for Saturday, June 23
    2. Iday Diary for Friday, June 22
    3. Iday Diary for Thursday, June 21
    4. Iday Diary for Wednesday, June 20
    5. Iday Diary for Tuesday, June 19
    6. Iday Diary for Monday, June 18
    7. Coming Soon: In England!
  8. April

    1. Educating the “innocent”: This classroom is not yet rated
  9. March

    1. Sailing off the edge
  10. February

    1. So I knit now
    2. An open letter to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  11. January

    1. The new cat in the house
    2. Top 10 best and worst books I read in 2011
    3. Please, protect the public domain!

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I’m a 27-year-old math and English teacher back in Canada after two years teaching in England. In my free time, I read books! When I’m not reading, I’m writing, coding, or knitting.

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I started coding websites, in bad HTML on Geocities, in 2004 in a fit of whimsy. Since then I’ve learned PHP/MySQL, coded my own blog software, and rebuilt this site several times. With the exception of the blog, it’s currently running on the exquisite Symphony CMS. This website is hosted by HawkHost

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