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Reasons why we like TV

Interesting observation about the world of television--or rather, our view of the world behind television. Especially now that the Internet provides a 24/7 resource for us, we've become increasingly interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of production. Who directed? Who was that guest star in season 6, episode 3? And when the producers of our favourite television show make a bad decision, or the writers introduce a clichéd plot twist, what do we do? We turn around and say, "Ugggh, I could do better than that!"

Well, some of us probably could. Most of us probably couldn't. And the truth is, not many of us actually want to. That's the thing with TV, you see. The entire concept of fiction is centred around watching things happen to people without being able to do anything about it. This extends beyond fiction itself, however: most of the television industry happens without the public having direct control over it. We can't control who they'll hire as that new regular or who will write the season finale, and we wouldn't want to be in control. It's good to have things to complain about, after all.

Boy, this sounded a lot more interesting in my head. I think I'll stop now before someone throws a pie at me--speaking of which, the pumpkin pie we've still got left over from Thanksgiving is really, really good--and go to school.

Oh, The Hour premiered for season 3 last night. For those of you aren't aware, it isn't a hip new drama on ABC--and don't let George Stroumboulopoulos' attitude fool you. I'm glad that it's back on now, because I can finally catch up with what's going on in the world. Nuclear weapons, insane dictators--oh, and Kim Jong-il too.

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