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August is upon us

Look, I'm blogging! Yeah, I haven't done this in nearly two weeks. I figure that I need to, since even my dad complained (or at least "observed") that I have not blogged in a long period of time.

You know what they say though: "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly-so." Good old Ford Prefect. :D

Of course, when I don't blog, I have to do these annoying catch-up posts that don't have a single "central theme" and are just a medley of trying to tell the imaginary readership what I've been doing since I last blogged. I can save you a lot of wear and tear on your eyes with the answer of "not much".

Should you care to continue reading, however, I might as well start with my job. Unlike Nicola, who has not been having the best experiences (aww :console:), my job is going smoothly. ^_^ I shall first regale you with the tale of Floor Spinach!

It's kind of short. Basically, my friend Vivike, who is working there with me, was eating a salad for lunch, and a piece of spinach randomly fell to the floor. We designated it the Floor Spinach and started to attribute events and superpowers to it, sort of turning it into a running joke for the rest of the day.

I've also brought my Rubik's Cube in to puzzle my coworkers. No, I can't solve one; I don't have any pattern-recognition skills. It has been a constant source of both amusement and annoyance since Saturday though. :D

August has been designated The Month of Novel Editing. Indeed, I am going to bludgeon my novel from first draft to final draft over these 31 (now 30) days, thanks to a squad of editors (eg; crazy friends) and lots and lots of tea. :w00t: Then comes the "fun" part of making a list of literary agents/publishers and spending money on postage. :rolleyes:

Tomorrow my family is going on a trip to Grand Marais. We usually go down at least once a year, mostly in the summer. I anticipate it with eagerness and shall take many pictures--this is my first year going down with a digital camera, so it'll be a treat to be able to record things for posterity!

Not much else to say, really. As you can see, I am obviously keeping way too busy and have no clue how to relax. C'est la vie!

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