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Ben Babcock

Can you follow directions?

Time yourself. Three minutes only. - Read everything carefully before doing anything. - Open a new tab (or window for those of you unfortunate enough to be using Internet Explorer) - Go to Google - Think of an animal, any animal, and type it in - Take the first result on the second page. - Go to Yahoo! and type that result in. - Take the fourth result on the first page and write down the first word in the title on a piece of paper. - Below the title, write your name. - Circle your name. - Think of a number between 2 and 65. - Think of another number between 2 and 65. - Flip the paper over and add the two numbers together. - Go back to Google - Type the number into Google followed by the words "I am slowly going crazy" (in quotations) - If you reach this point in under three minutes, congratulations. Post a comment on this blog entry that says "I HAVE REACHED THIS STEP IN UNDER THREE MINUTES. I AM AN UBER-INTERNET USERoRZ!!!!" - Go to your favourite message board. - Randomly choose a topic title. - Paste the title into Google after the words "Why is this test so long?" (in quotations) - Write down the number of results found on the piece of paper you have. - Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only steps 1 and 2.

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I’m a 27-year-old math and English teacher back in Canada after two years teaching in England. In my free time, I read books! When I’m not reading, I’m writing, coding, or knitting.

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I started coding websites, in bad HTML on Geocities, in 2004 in a fit of whimsy. Since then I’ve learned PHP/MySQL, coded my own blog software, and rebuilt this site several times. With the exception of the blog, it’s currently running on the exquisite Symphony CMS. This website is hosted by HawkHost

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