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I had to go to the dentist today. waits for all the sympathetic hugs to pour in. :'(

Thanks. :D It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be; I don't have any cavities. But I do need to brush better and floss more. I know this, and I have no good excuse for not having shiny white teeth. It just doesn't happen that way. :no:

I can never decide which is worse: the tooth polishing or the fluoride treatment. Both are sickening, which is unfortunate, because I have a very sensitive gag reflex.

Let's see . . . I should get to see my midsemester report card tomorrow and fill out a response form. The actual report card is en route to my house via mail, and we all know how slow the Canada Post can be. . . . I hate filling out that response form. It always asks me to list achievements, and I honestly feel terrible listing any sort of achievement. Yeah, I'm weird.

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