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  1. You Choose beta release

    If you look on the sidebar of the homepage you may notice a shiny new blue box with a question in it. You Choose the answer to that question.

    Yes, it's a poll. :arr: It is my latest pet project. Some of you may have noticed the abundant "ghost options" appearing in my other poll, powered by idioPoll. I was getting tired of this bug, so I decided to write a poll script myself when I got the time. Compared to a blog or a guestbook, a poll isn't as hard. It certainly took less time overall to code. The project posed some challenges on its own--figuring out how to store and relate the data was a bit of a poser. Overall though, I'm rather proud of what I've accomplished.

    If you haven't voted yet, take a moment to check out my favourite jQuerified feature: those of you with JavaScript enabled can click the "Results" button and instantly see the results before voting. ^_^ Those of you without JavaScript must suffer through a page reload. Anyway, go ahead and vote--and then you have to wait 24 hours before you can vote again! In that poll, at least. Maybe if I…

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