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  1. Danger: Low ceiling

    Windows Vista does not like the adapter that I bought with my dance mat, so I ordered a new adapter online (thanks Laura!) that's better. It arrived last week and I got my dance mat working, which means I can now play StepMania! Plus I bought an RF modulator to hook up my computer to the big TV upstairs (because the TV is too old and has no S-video port!). This morning I went to play some StepMania and discovered that I had to move my dance mat closer to the TV. This is not because I have poor eyesight (which I do) or I couldn't hear the music (which I could). No, it's because where the mat was originally positioned, if I jumped my head would hit the ceiling fan. :ph34r:

    So much for that. :D I'm tall, and the ceiling is low, which means I need to be more careful!

    In other news, I've started tinkering with OOP in PHP. I've often had trouble grasping OOP, but I finally wrapped my head around some aspects thanks to PHP 101: The Bear Necessities. Several concepts continue to elude me, so I'm hoping that I never have to…

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