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  1. The normality of self

    Pretentious title, no? This is actually just something that occurred to me while having a bath (baths are great that way).

    I don't know which particular set of neurons collided to produce this aspect of my personality, but I've never been one to concern myself with body image--mine or anyone else's. Physically I'm rather lucky in that I lead a sedentary lifestyle but have a high metabolism and a slim build. So I'm very tall and rather thin. If I were more physically active, I might actually be fit and perhaps develop some muscles, but those same neurons decided that I would prefer to sit in front of a glowing screen and push electrons about while writing blog entries discussing the pushing of those same electrons.

    Where was I? Oh yes, body image. I've never been particularly concerned with my body image. However, since I bike to work during the summer--an increased level of physical activity--I started thinking about how this would affect my body. In the bath tub I looked at my thighs and thought, "Wow, are my thighs really that big?" :ermm: That thought made me think about body image, and I realized that I don't know if…

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